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Our Products

Earth Spirit Organics products succumb strict guidelines with integrity & respect for ourselves and all inhabitants of this Earth.

100% Natural






Gluten Free

Cruelty Free

Fair Trade

Organic Camomile
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"Every dollar we spend is a vote for, or against, the Earth."


- Joseph Borkovic -


To protect the Earth is to protect ourselves, our future.

All Earth Spirit Organics products must use Organic, Biodynamic, Fair Trade and sustainable ingredients. ESO is a Palm oil free company using fair trade, sustainable sourced organic shea butter.


Our products are proudly Canadian-made in North America's first sustainable EcoStar Green™ eco-manufacturing facility. Learn more about EcoStar Green.


ESO packaging is when ever possible plastic free and biodegradable. We re-purpose, re-use and recycle everything possible.

Our product eco-labels are printed on Rock-paper-Earth™, made with NO water, NO trees, NO bleach - no kiddin'!


Earth Spirit Organics products are created out of holding integrity & respect for ourselves and all inhabitants of this Earth. Deep wisdom may be found in observing Nature's relationships and laws.


Everything started with a promise between a father and his son back in 1999.

In the founders own words: "We were in our local public library, and after reading one particular article to my son Zach, about the damage to dolphins and their babies from toxins and chemicals in daily use products like toothpaste and shampoo, and how 62 billion ounces a day in North America were being washed down into the drain into local waterways, into streams, rivers, lakes and ending up in our oceans... After reading that article aloud, my 3 year old son was crying, he looked at me and asked straight out, 'Dad, what are we going to do to help ?' My heart went into my throat, and I said, 'I don't know, but we'll do something.' That moment is how the promise come to be."


And that „something“ became Earth Spirit Organics - a new generation of eco-products that are dolphin and ocean friendly, with non-toxic, natural and vegan ingredients.

Book: Council of animals
Book: Council of animals
Book: Council of animals

Behind Earth Spirit Organics

As you can probably tell by now, behind these eco products are standing spirited eco worriers who understand that everything is an all-encompassing cycle of life — the Earth Spirit.

Inspired by that the founders of “Earth Spirit Organics”, father and son, wrote the book “Council of Animals”. A spirited adventure with Earth, inspiring you to believe in yourself and Earth.

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