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You want to reduce waste? Use our re-fill buckets and jugs in your store. 

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Sustainable Life 

Eco Care

Our Promise to You: to source only 100% natural (non-toxic), plant-based, fully biodegradable, certified organic & biodynamic, permaculture, wildcrafted, fair trade & social justice raw materials for ingredients.

Earth Spirit Organics TM



Every dollar we spend is a vote, for - or against - the Earth.

Let's protect the Earth for Nature, animals, people & our future. 100% Natural | Organic | Vegan | Gluten Free | Fair Trade

A story & adventure to share...

Our Story 

"We are just our Spirits Dad, the rest of us and our bodies belong to the Earth." - Zach, age 10 -

placed... on each bottle as a reminder where we started

Curious what people say about Earth Spirit Organics products?
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